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“Out of the eater came something to eat and out of the strong came something sweet” (Judges 14:14).

Samson conveys a beautiful riddle in this Scripture portion. He asks for the meaning of the sentence ‘Out of the eater came something to eat and out of the strong came something sweet.’ In other words, what it means is ‘Who is the strong one who gave the sweet and what is something to eat which came out of the eater.’

In these two questions, the answer for the first is a lion, and for the second question, it is honey. God is powerful to make the strong lion give honey for you to eat. So, you need not fear over cruel enemies like a lion. Some people may rise to destroy you, but God will bring in a change in them and make them feed you. One who roars against you may be the government or your neighbour or a higher official in your office. Since God fights for you, He will turn them as the ones to provide you with support and help.

See! Pharaoh brought in cruel legislation that all the children below the age of two years in Israel should be thrown into the river and killed. In accordance with that legislation, Moses who was a child of Hebrew origin was also thrown into the Nile River, but God made the daughter of Pharaoh take the responsibility of nurturing him. Further, God enabled the mother of Moses to stay with the child and feed him. For this act, she was paid too. Yes. God is one to bring something to eat from the eater himself.

Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, persecuted the Israelites severely, and in the end, the Israelites decided to depart from Egypt. However they did not have any money. What did God do? He brought help from the eyes of the Egyptians who were hostile towards the Israelites till then. The same Egyptians who were torturing the Israelites through the taskmasters were made by God to help the Israelites by giving their valuable gold and silver jewelry. Even today, God will help you by making your enemies stay kind with you.

See! Haman had prepared the gallows ready for hanging Mordecai, the man of God. That night the king could not sleep, and when the book of records of the chronicles, was read before him, he came to know that Mordecai had not been rewarded suitably for saving his life. Next day, when Haman came to meet the king, he chose him to be the person to honour Mordecai. Dear children of God, you will be exalted by the same person who had been showing disrespect to you.      

To meditate: “Whoever assembles against you shall fall for your sake” (Isaiah 54:15).

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