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“Blessed is he who considers the poor;The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive and he will be blessed on the earth;you will not deliver him to the will of his enemies” (Psalm 41:1, 2).

In the Sermon on the Mount in the New Testament, and the Psalms of the Old Testament, we can find details about around 120 blessed people both male and female.King David has written about the blessed who considered the poor in the 41st Psalm.

There were two phases in the life of King David. The first phase is during the time in which he was oppressed and was struggling for life hiding in hills and mountains. The second phase is the period in which he comforted and embraced the poor and needy after becoming the king.

Today, we can see oppressed people in all places. Many people ignore them even when they happen to meet them face to face. There is no mercy in them to lift or comfort the oppressed. But this Scripture portion clearly defines the blessings which the people who consider the poor will receive.

Firstly, one who considers the poor will get blessed. The word ‘blessed’ has the meanings ‘Divine Sanction’ and ‘Benison.’ The life of the blessed will be more prominent and filled with the divine presence. Dear children of God, will you consider the poor and receive that blessing?

Secondly, the Scripture says that the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. God promises that when many get destroyed in disasters like heavy rain, storm, earthquakes etc.. He will save those who consider the poor.

Thirdly, God will protect them and keep them alive. Similar to how he protected David from the sharp teeth of a bear, to the roaring lion and the terrible Goliath, He will also protect those who consider the poor.

Fourthly, He will not deliver those who consider the poor, to the will of the enemy. He will ensure that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. Dear children of God always consider the poor.  

To meditate: “The Lord will strengthen him on his bed of illness; you will sustain him on his sickbed” (Psalm 41:3).

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