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Oct 06 – the shepherd and the sheep!

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” (Psalm 23:1).^pWhat is the tender relationship between you and God? He is your Shepherd and you are His sheep. He is a Good Shepherd for you to call Him your Shepherd as a matter of right and with love as well. A shepherd guides his sheep in the right path, feeds them, quenches their thirst and grazes them in green pastures. Above everything, he saves his sheep even by sacrificing his life during times of danger. ^pSince you are the sheep of God, look up to Him and say, “Lord, I will not run away from you. I will not choose my own ways and will keep following you. I will find my food in the green pastures where you graze me. So, I surrender my will to you my Shepherd and happily accept your ways.” ^pOnce, a person enacted a drama under the title “God is my Shepherd” and explained the contents of Psalm number 23. He made noises like sheep and walked like how a shepherd will walk. The people enjoyed the drama very much and appreciated him. ^pAt that time, an elderly pastor came to that place and, after obtaining the permission of the actor, began to read out Psalm 23 with gratitude flowing out from the bottom of his heart. Tears poured out from his eyes. The Holy Spirit touched all the people assembled there. Every one of them experienced the love of God. ^pIn the end, the actor asked, “Pastor, I toiled so hard for explaining this Psalm to these people. But, you have made the people get touched compassionately by simply standing and reading the Scripture. What is the secret behind this?” The pastor replied, “Dear friend, you know only the Psalm of the Shepherd, but, I know the Shepherd Himself. He is the one who stays with me forever.” ^pThousands of ways are there before you to your liking. But, have you avoided all those ways and accepted God as your Shepherd who guides you on the right path? How joyous it would be to boldly proclaim from the heart that “God is my Shepherd!” What a rightful opportunity it would be! If God is your Shepherd, you shall never want. You will never run short. It is He who guides you to the end as a perfect Shepherd. ^pTo meditate: “Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, You who lead Joseph like a flock; you who dwell between the cherubim, shine forth” (Psalm 80:1).^p

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