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Oct – 18 – BIRTHDAY!

“For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Saviour” (Luke 2:11).

All those in whose hearts Jesus has taken birth are blessed. The happiest day of your life is the day on which Jesus Christ takes birth in your heart. Many people celebrate their birthdays merrily. In the churches also, they read out a big list of people who celebrate their birthdays during that week and pray for them. It is a great opportunity for you to thank God for all the good things he has done during the past year.

The famous servant of God David Livingston, during his birthdays, used to bend his knees and renew the covenant he had made with God. Accordingly, God gave him power and strength every year in an immeasurable manner.

During one of his birthdays, Charles Kingsley happily said, “More than the happiness of having born on the earth, what I cherish more is the blessing I received in getting saved and becoming a part of the family of God.” While some people feel happy about their birthdays, some others curse the same with frustration.

The birthday celebration of king Herod was the most painful birthday ever celebrated. Yes. Herodias’ daughter came in, danced and received the head of John the Baptist on a platter. How sorrowful this is! It is a sad thing that even today many people resort to drinking and staying inebriated as part of their birthday celebration and thus bring disgrace to the name of God. When your birthday comes, make use of it by thanking God and rededicate your life in the presence of God once more.

Once, a boy celebrated his birthday. Among the gifts received, there were big chocolate bar, a wristwatch and a Holy Bible. The boy liked all the three.  But, after some years, he said, “The chocolate was tasty and so, I finished eating it immediately. I used the wristwatch for some time, but when it stopped running, I had to throw it away. But the Bible I have in my hands is sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. Not only that. He also happily said that the Bible had been a great blessing to him all along.

Dear children of God, let the best gifts for your birthday be Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible.      

To meditate: “But the word of the Lord endures forever. Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you” (I Peter 1:25).

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