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“…from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard” (Daniel 10:12).

Fasting was a happy one for Daniel. The days of fasting were the days in which one happily went nearer to God and the days in which one could understand the hidden things in God. Though his body got weakened in fasting, his spirit rejoiced in meeting the Lord of lords.

Some years ago, the Government received information from a village near Himalayas that a tiger was hunting human beings living there. When the government investigated the reason for the tiger’s attack on human beings alone they could arrive at the cause. Do you know what it is? Once, during a funeral, the village people had left a dead body half-burnt in the burial ground and after their return, the tiger which went there ate the half-burnt body. As the human flesh was tastier to the tiger than the flesh of all other animals, from that day, that tiger made it a habit to hunt men and women.

Whatever the thing may be, if a man finds something likeable, he will be after that from then on. In the same way, those who taste the fasting, feel the presence of God to be very sweet. In order to taste this joy, they will come again and again to the presence of God for fasting.  The taste of fasting is so great. As they repeatedly fast, they become ecstatic and begin to fast periodically at short intervals. I am sad to notice that many people are still ignorant of the sweetness in fasting. They do not wish to sacrifice even one meal for the sake of God.

But look at history. Every servant of God used mightily in His ministry are found to be ones knowing well the sweetness and the glory involved in fasting prayer. Martin Luther, who had brought out numerous spiritual reformations used to fast continuously for several days and nights. He did not quit fasting though his health suffered a major setback and it was doubtful whether he would survive or succumb to them.

In the fourteenth century, a saint by name Savonarola brought a great revival in Italy. His preaching attacked the people like sparks of fire. The secret behind his ministerial success was nothing but fasting prayer. The historians say that he never reached the altar without fasting.

Dear children of God, God expects your fasting prayer so that the people of the current generation come towards Him.    

To meditate: “However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting” (Mathews 17:21).

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