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“Praise Him, all His angels; praise Him, all His hosts!” (Psalms 148:2).

The angels are always praising God. They not only fulfil all His commands but also come and help you the children of God.

Once, a young nineteen-year-old girl named Julia had to go to Zambia, a country in the continent of Africa, to minister for God. There she struggled as she was not able to perform in the new country amid the terrible habits of the Negros. The unbearable sun tormented her and no comfort was available in her residence towards her ministry. She was affected by the solitude and homesickness.

One day, she was broken-hearted and before going to bed, wept and placed all her burdens on God and unknowingly went to sleep. In the mid-night, suddenly the whole of her room filled with brightness. When she opened her eyes, she saw a wonderful angel protecting her by standing by her side with the wings spread.

The face of the angel was so bright and beautiful. He looked as though he was wearing the brightness as a dress. His hair was curly and white. His eyes wore an innocent look. As she saw the angel, a divine peace filled her heart.

What a blessed thing it is for you to get the inner eyes opened and see the angels sent for you by God! God who said that He will not forget you even if your mother forgets you, has commanded the angels to help you. While going through the Scripture, you can find that so many angels of God have descended to earth to help several saints.           

Indeed, Hagar was a slave. After a quarrel with Sarah, she came running alone and at that moment, a glorious angel met her. The angel advised her to go back to Sarah and submit herself under Sarah’s hand. The angel also said that God would multiply her descendants exceedingly so that they shall not be counted for multitude (Genesis 16:7-10).

Dear children of God, God is sending His angels for you during your hours of distress and need. They will quickly bring the news from God speedily to you. The news carried by the angels will comfort your soul similar to how the good news from the faraway place refreshes the soul.  

To meditate: “And the Lord answered the angel who talked to me, with good and comforting words” (Zacharia 1:13).

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