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“And in the daytime He was teaching in the temple” (Luke 21:37).

The teachings of God is the biggest blessing that you receive when you go to church. The preaching of God is essential for a man to stay firm in his spiritual life.

Many people remain as namesake Christians without realising the importance of Christian teachings and preaching. There are fundamental preaching. There are some preaching of deliverance that provide answers to the problems. Some lessons help one to grow further in Spiritual life. When you read the Epistles of Paul, the apostle, you can understand what wonderful teachings God has given through him. All of them are very useful for everyone’s spiritual life,

On many occasions, you struggle for not understanding the in-depth truths in the Scripture. Many hidden prophesies yet remain incomprehensible to you. When a servant of God explains such Scripture portions during the church services, your soul gets benefited.

What is the situation in churches today? Many churches remain as namesake churches. Preaching is not there.  Without fundamental preaching, a Christian life can never be built strongly on Christ.

In Europe, many churches built at a high cost, remain deserted today. Once upon a time, they were filled with believers, but today there is no one to take care of them, and they stay like deprived orphans. People are not willing to come to them, and the structures are in a dilapidated condition. Being without teachings and preaching, all have become a waste.

But, in whichever church Christ is, miracles will be there. The preaching of God is served there. Some churches may not be privileged and they may conduct service under a thatched roof, but the preaching of God will be found aplenty there. One can see the power of the Scripture there. Look at the ancient churches. They stood steadfast in the preaching of the apostles.

Servants of God were there in those churches. They were filled with Scriptural knowledge. The preaching required by the congregation was given to them in plenty and liberally. People expect from the lips of the priest, knowledge – spiritual knowledge. They expect the preaching from him. Dear children of God, may you be firm in the preaching of the church! Is not the Coming of God very soon?

To meditate: “I sat daily with you, teaching in the temple” (Mathew 26:55).

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